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The Fauna de Senet Trail imatge

The Fauna de Senet Trail


  • Departure: Senet
  • Arrival: Senet
  • Distance: 6.5 km
  • Duration: 2h00
  • Incline: 430 m
  • Degree of difficulty: Moderate
  • Type of route: Circular
  • Suitable for MTB: No
  • Best time of year: All year


* Degree of difficulty obtained by SENDIF method

This wildlife route departs in Senet and soon climbs up the mountain through the old path to Gelada pass. You will cross a landscape that is clearly marked by humans: a patchwork of old crops and hay meadows separated by dry masonry walls. The wealth of wildlife will make it quite easy to see the footprints of some fox or wild boar. 

On the top of the ascent, you will see some extensions of subalpine meadows where the livestock grazes in the summer months. If you observe carefully, you will be able to see some flocks of chamois grazing on the highest parts of the mountain or to take some roe deer by surprise at the edge of a field or a forest. This place will also allow you to admire the colossal waterfall of Esbornada ravine, one of the main geological attractions of Barravés Valley. Finally, among some scotch pines woods, the route takes you to the viewpoint of Estarredono, where you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the valley and of the foothills of Maladeta mountain range.

Gelada, site of natural interest

This site expands over the mountain that separates the valleys of Boí and Barravés, between Senet and Barruera. It covers an extension of 2,285 hectares and hosts the huge Gelada pass, hence its name. One of the main reasons of the protection of this territory is the presence of old subalpine forests of mountain pines, which is home to a very representative high mountain wildlife.

The route borders the lower boundary of Gelada’s site of natural interest and offers some great views from the viewpoints of Artigalonga and Estarredono.

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