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Restaurants in Alta Ribagorça

Our mountain cuisine is based on natural resources and old traditions. Although lamb is deeply rooted in local culinary tradition, pork and its by-products are also highly valued. Other specialties such as vianda (meat and vegetable broth), stews and mushrooms are gastronomic pillars that allow the visitors to enjoy an original variety of products and styles, from traditional to creative and haute cuisine.

Mushroom Gastronomic Days in Alta Ribagorça (+info)

When autumn shows up and nature offers the unique taste of those curious and exquisite fruit of the ground, namely the mushrooms, the local chefs conduct a gastronomic campaign focused on those precious delights every week-end of October. During the whole harvest season, mushrooms are the indisputable numbers one of the local restaurants. Gluten-free, anti-allergy, vegetarian and organic cuisine Use the browser to select the kind of cuisine you need: gluten-free, vegetarian or organic cuisine.

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