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Activities 25 June de 2024

01 de May to 31 de October

Itinerari per descobrir el cel nocturn, aprendre a orientar-se amb els estels i conèixer els impacte de la contaminació lumínica en la biodiversitat.

Contacte: Pirineus Experience
Tel. 686 286 282

01 de June to 28 de July

Ecotourism programme based on what we know about wild plants and their medicinal uses. The idea is to take family walks through rural and well-preserved environments and discover the herbs and trees. We photograph them and make very simple and practical technical sheets that the children can elaborate and understand.

18 de June to 22 de August

18 July in Barruera: Krregades de romances (traditional music).
25th July in Boï: The Denim Rips (American Folk).
1st of August in Taüll: Lo belda and the Babadoc Folk ensemble and festival.
8th August in Erill el Valle: Café de alger (Mediterranean music).
15th August in El Plan de la Ermita: Dr Rumbeta (Catalan rumba).

21 de June to 01 de September

Ger Summer Swimming Pools - El Pont de Suert
Dates: From 22 June to 1 September 2024.
Services: bar-terrace, changing rooms, bicycle storage, table tennis, water polo and aquatic equipment for children.
Prices: 1 day ticket: 4€/ Family pack ticket 60€/ Adults 30€/ Children and +65 years old 20€.

25 de June to 06 de September

Summer camp - El Pont de Suert
Dates: 25 June to 9 August
Age: from P3 to 6th grade
Timetable: from 9h to 13:30h
Information and registration:

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