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Carnicería Casa Cunilla

Esther Fantova
Passeig de Sant Feliu, 45
25527 Barruera
Tel. 973 694 140

Production of Casa Cunilla artisan pork sausages.

Casa Cunilla is a family from Barruera, in the Boí Valley. We have always been passionate about our territory, the mountains, the animals, the gastronomy, the traditions and everything related to the history of the valley, so we decided to open a butcher's shop and sell our products and the meat raised in the area.

Thus, we sell pork products, made in the traditional way and following the procedure of our ancestors, so that the tradition has reached our generation. We also offer veal and lamb that is reared and fattened organically in the valley.

Today the project is consolidated and we can deliver our products and those of the Boí Valley directly to your homes, without intermediaries and at a fair price for everyone.

Online sales.

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