Carnicería Porté-Estop | Alta Ribagorça
Carnicería Porté-Estop imatge

Carnicería Porté-Estop

Avda Progrés, 24
25552 Vilaller
Tel. 973 698 034

The Porté-Estop butcher's shop is a family business that started in 1976. It is located in Vilaller (Alta Ribagorza), in the Pyrenees.

We sell lamb from Ribagorza, veal, foal, local cheeses... now we are returning to produce a series of traditional products like those that were made in the past, and which had been put aside: potatoes, "xoriç", "secallona", "butifarras", pâtés.... we want to promote local consumption and give added value to the gastronomy of the region with local products.

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