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Caldes de Boí Thermal Spa

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Balneario Caldes de Boí Thermal Spa is located in the heart of the Boí Valley. At 1.500m. high you will find yourself surrounded by spectacular scenery including pristine lakes, flowing rivers and beautiful waterfalls. Enjoy 100% pure fresh air.

This valley offers an unique and incomparable atmosphere in addition to the spa. The magnificent Roman Churches of centuries XII and XIII declared World Heritage by UNESCO and the “Aiguestortes and Sant Maurici Lake” National Park are some of the many attractions found in the Boí Valley. You can also enjoy a number of activities and adventure sports; the possibilities to how you spend your day are endless.

One of the singular attractions is certainly the Wellness Center ”Caldes de Boí” and its innovative health program. Thirty-seven hot springs coming out of the earth to the surface in a stunning 24ha garden. 

The Caldes de Boí miner-medicinal water has different composition and temperature, from 4ºC to 56ºC. From “Font del Bou” hot spring, it is born the Mineral Water which is bottled as “Caldes de Boí”.Water of Caldes de Boí

Caldes de Boí has 37 sources between 4 and 56 ° C of temperature, which allow daily techniques and treatments.

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