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Ribagorça meats


“Carns de la Ribagorça” Project was launched in order to promote local meat, produced by the cow and sheep farms of the region and exclusively distributed by the slaughterhouses of Pont de Suert and Vilaller. This label of protected designation of origin is found in all the associated butcher’s and all the products made with that quality meat.


Do you really know where the meat you eat comes from? We appreciate our breeders and farmers’ job very much. These little family businesses rooted in the territory play a really important role in the preservation of local landscapes, species, traditions and savoir-faire from generation to generation. 


Thanks to a system of natural breeding and fattening, the animals are basically fed with fresh hay that comes from the high mountain meadows located around Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park. Most local farms have also some organic certification. Consuming this meat means contributing to the conservation of sustainable breeding in mountain areas which combines food production and environmental protection.


This fresh, tender, healthy, tasty and top quality meat contains a wide range of proteins that are essential for your diet. It also gives you iron, vitamins and low fat. It is a vital element for a healthy and balanced diet. From the meadow to your plate. Ask your butcher about the perfect cut you need for your recipe, whether stewed or roasted, baked, grilled, charcoal grilled meat.




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